Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Mount of the Pope

I hate the Pope Benedict Ratzinger Palpatine XVI, well, you know me, aside from the fact that I hate anything that represent any religious leadership, he's also stupid, very stupid. From the begginning of his papacy in 2005, his mouth couldn't be more full of shit, he says so many stupid stuff that it makes you feel bad for hating him for being stupid.

But from other side, if you look at it, since he is coming here this Monday, and these Popes always pass by Mount of Olives (Jesus what here, heh), well, Mount of Olives looks so beautiful and pretty that I even believe that it is! Aside from all the Vatican flags that the Municipality hang everywhere, they did a great job in the streets of mount of olives, renewing everything and making it more pretty (for the Pope).

The fact is, if this is the only way that will make the Municipality of Jerusalem do something here, so Pope, you are welcomed here every year.

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