Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have a problem with shopping, and not the typical problem that generally people have, no, I don't buy things that I don't really need and I don't buy compulsivly. My problem is, that whenever I want to go clothes for myself, I never do... I could just go around all the shops in all the city, and I wouldn't find something that I like, just like that. I'm just unlucky. And whenever I just go out to the movies or something, without any purpose I end buying clothes for a lot (a lot) of money. What happened today, I finished work early, so I called my friend Dido, and told him if he wants to go shopping, he agreed. We went shopping, I didn't find anything, and him, who last week spent a fortune in clothes, again, found things to buy for himself in almost every shop we went in. He bought him self some (pink!) trousers, a shirt, a (very expensive) pair of shoes, and even food! And I, just didn't buy anything.

Who got fortunate? My mom. In the end, when I just gave up, I decided I will buy something nice for my mother, since I haven't bought her anything in a while. I decided that I will buy her pretty shoes, from the new spring-summer collection. I found very pretty shoes for her EVERYWHERE! I hate women clothes and shoes generally, they have soooo many varieties and choices to buy from. When men just have jeans and shirts, it sucks. Anyway, in the end I bought her very pretty, really pretty, shoes, and when I just was going to pay, I saw a very beautiful bag, my eyes were shining, and it was black, the same colour as the shoes, I couldn't resist, and I also bought her the bag...

One week earlier, she gave me a gift card that she got from her work, and mainly that's the reason I wanted to buy her something. Well, today I spent triple the money she gave, and didn't buy something for me, it's all her. Mom's, they are just precious.... Anyway, she really liked them, and her smile worths all the money in the world (but tomorrow we are going to change the shoes).

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  1. que hermoso hijo!!!! Que Tomy aprenda de vos